Waitsel's Art and Illustration

Waitsel's Watercolor Painting - Jesus with Woman

"Safe in the Arms of Christ" Watercolor - Copyright © 2012 Waitsel Smith. All rights reserved.

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for the beautiful visual for Tres Dias of North Georgia Women's 126. I posted it on our team's private Facebook page, and the comments I have gotten just in the last few minutes have included... "Amazingly Beautiful!", "So peaceful", and "I love it!" It will convey very well the message I believe God has for our weekend. Our theme is "In Christ Alone", and our verses are Ephesians 3:17-19. I am copying you on how we will use it on the cover of our team handbooks. I can't wait to get the large watercolor framed! I will send you a photo of that as well. We will be in touch again soon. Thank you, again!" - Joan Kiger, Atlanta, GA

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This painting was a commission, but I can do a similar one for you. Just send me the photos from which you'd like me to work; or, I can do my own research or photoshoot. You can commission me by going here, or just by emailing me. - Waitsel

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