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Waitsel's Hybrid Watercolor Painting / Pen & Ink Drawing - Aspen Trees

"Aspen Trees Hybrid" Watercolor and Pen & Ink - Copyright © 2008 Waitsel Smith. All rights reserved.

This is the hybrid version of "Aspen Trees." The client wanted a pen-and-ink drawing that transitioned into a watercolor painting and imitated the style of Leonardo da Vinci's nature studies. To see the full watercolor, click on "See watercolor painting" below. To see the full pen & ink, click on "See pen & ink drawing." A print of the full watercolor painting is available on my Gifts & Cards page. - Waitsel

See detail of this paintingSee detail of paintingSee watercolor paintingSee detail of this paintingSee pen & ink drawingSee pen & ink drawingSee pen & ink drawing

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