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Waitsel's Pen and Ink Drawing - Aspen Trees

"Aspen Trees" Pen & Ink Drawing - Copyright © 2008 Waitsel Smith. All rights reserved

This project was for a company in Atlanta, named Aspen Productions, that planned corporate events. They wanted a piece of art they could use in their brochure, as well as on their web site. What they asked for was something that looked like Leonardo da Vinci's nature drawings. They wanted me to do a pen-and-ink drawing that transitioned into a watercolor painting. This is the watercolor. Even though the final piece only included the right half of the watercolor, I went ahead and did the whole piece in both watercolor and pen-and-ink so they would have two complete works to frame when the project was finished. To see the final piece, click on "See hybrid painting-drawing" below. - Waitsel

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